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Dyna Rails and Post Pods
Instrument Quick Mounting Systems

The Dyna Rails and Post Pods are a family of Mounts that allow you convert a stationary object to a pier.

The difference between a Dyna Rail and a Post Pod is that the Dyna Rail is designed for a horizontal surface and the Post Pod is designed for mounting to a standard 4 or 6 inch post, or set into a concrete form like you would use for the installation of flagpoles or basketball hoops. It may seem excessive to mount a small post in the same way you would tall flagpoles, but not only will it be more secure it will also ensure that the post will never start to lean due to soft ground. There is also the Quad Brach- a combination of a Post Pod 150 and Mounting Plate No. 1 to hold LX style and other styles of telescopes and allows for precise alignment for astro imaging.

In each model group there are different types, depending on connection holes.
The standard model has a 1/4-20 stud. This size is the standard for photographic, video and many other types of small head units. A good example of a head is our DynaCradle or the Universal Astronomic's Telescope and Binocular mounts.
The ETX units are designed to hold the Meade ETX family of telescopes, from the ETX-60 all the way to the ETX-125 telescope. The great advantage of using a Pod over a tripod, is that you can take advantage of the Park mode and save yourself the trouble of going through the alignment process ever time you set up the telescope. Setup is quick, just use the two (supplied) T-screws and you are ready to go.
The next type is the N model for the smaller Celestron NexStar telescopes that have a center 1/4-20 hole. The kit comes with a 1/4-20 t-screw to hold it down.
They can also be used for anything you can hold down with a 1/4-20 T-screw.
There is also a N 0.5 model with a 1/2 inch hole to accommodate larger mounting bolts
They are also available with a 3/8-16 stud on special order.

If you have installed a Post Pod in a concrete form, and now you have a Meade ETX, LX200, LX10 or Celestron C5i or C8i Telescope. What do you do? Use one of our Mounting Plates to fit between your Telescope and the Post Pod

The top of a Post Pod or Dyna Rail is 3.5"x3.5" (8.8x8.8 cm)
The Post Pod 150 and ETX top is square, 6 1/8"x 6" (15.5x15.2 cm.)
The Dyna Rail ETX is round, 6 1/8" (15.5 cm) in diameter.
All Pods have 3.5" underneath for clearance.
The Pod's mounting flanges are 3.5 inches wide, to accommodate standard 4 inch fence posts.Yes a 4 inch fence post only measures 3.5 inches ( in the USA, in the rest of the world they are a different size). The Post Post Pod 150 is for 6 inch posts, It may be necessary to add some shims for smaller posts.

We will also make custom pods and are looking for enough interest in other models to bring them out as a standard products. We make mounting adapters for many scopes including the Meade ETX ( all sizes), LX200's, LX10, Celestron C5i and C8i

The Pods are constructed of 11 gauge Stainless Steel (1/8 inch thick), and Stainless Steel screws. They are also available in powder coated black over Stainless Steel. They are extremely strong and rust proof. They will stand up to almost any type of weather short of hurricanes and tornadoes.

The screws for holding down the Pods have a special head that requires a special bit to install or remove. Each kit comes with one of these bits and six screws. This is for your protection. If you install a Pod out in the wild somewhere, someone else can not easily remove it and take it home. Any 1/4" hex drive bit holder with take the bit.

Polar alignment
The Post Pods can be mounted at almost any angle. By aligning the post North/South and tilting the Pod to your latitude, you can polar align your system and do not need a wedge.

The same thing can be achieved with a Dyna Rail, if you are actually mounting it to a stump. Just cut the stump off to North/South and to the angle you need. Make sure you are using Celestial North and not Magnetic North. In most locations there can be a significant difference between them, and you will need to find out what Isogonic line you are setting up on.


 Pick your location. Care should be taken, if you install a post, so that it is not somewhere where you or someone else can accidentally collide with it.

 Position the Dyna Rail

 Level the Dyna Rail before putting in the screws

 If you are going to Polar Align, you will need to know True North and Latitude

 Mark screw holes

 When installing the screws, drill a slightly oversized pilot hole to avoid breakage in hardwoods such as white oak, teak and maple or in other finished materials such as a deck Railing. For Softwood use a 5/32 bit, for hardwoods use a 9/64 drill bit.

 You will need a 1/4 inch hex driver tool to hold the special bit. Do not over tighten the screws when installing them. It is possible to either break the screw or distort the Pod.



 No Routine maintenance, other than cleaning.

 You never need to paint your Dyna Rail, but if you want a color to match your locale, the pod can be painted. We also offer custom powder coated finishes

 If painting clean and degrease the pod and mask off the stud. You may need a primer or bonding layer. Check the directions for the type of paint you plan to use.



 When installing a post, make sure that the location will not be in someone's way.

 Always use eye protection when using tools.



 Save the special bit, If you every have to remove the pod, you will need the bit and a driver.

 Just remove the screws and it will come off of the railing or stump.


Examples of some of the many models available

Dyna Rail S (Black)

Dyna Rail ETX (Black)

Dyna Rail S

Dyna Rail ETX

Dyna Rail R

Dyna Rail NexStar

Post Pod (Black)

Post Pod N

Post Pod for ETX (Black)

Post Pod for ETX

Post Pod 150, also fits ETX

Post Pod 150 with Dyna Tray and Piece Pod, also fits ETX

Example of Level vs. Polar Aligned mounting

Post Pod on a post

Post Pod on a post, polar aligned

You have installed a Post Pod in a concrete form, and now you have a new Meade ETX, LX200, LX10 or Celestron C5i or C8i Telescope. What do you do? Use one of our Mounting Plates to fit between your Telescope and the Post Pod

Post Pod with MP4 ETX Mounting Plate

Post Pod with MP1 LX200 Mounting Plate

If you have not installed a Post Pod yet, Use a Quad Brach, and now you have a place for your Meade ETX, LX200, LX10 or Celestron C5i or C8i Telescope.
The four (quad) alignment bolts allow for very easy and precise polar alignment needed for astro imaging.

Quad Brach

Quad Brach with Piece Pod 4

Example of Mounting on a railing

Dyna Rail ETX with Piece Pod I

Dyna Rail with ETX-90 and Piece Pod I
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