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Lyra © Double Double Mounting System

Designed for quick mounting of guide scopes, cameras and finder scopes on telescopes with just the click of two buckles.
The Lyra © DDMS replaces two sets of two mounting rings and all the nuts and bolts.
The Regular Model of the Lyra DDMS attaches to your scope with an adjustable bungee cord.
Just snap the two buckles and it is secure.
The Deluxe Model, there are captive metal springs (in protective tubing) that attach to quick connect J-slots.
You can also permanently mount the Lyra DDMS if you desire, as the feet have holes for screw mounting with screws up to 10-32.

The Lyra © DDMS replaces two sets of tube rings. No screws or parts to lose in the dark, it just snaps on with two buckles
Low Weight, 6oz. No Tools Needed

Snap one buckle around your telescope, then the other buckle around you finder or guide scope and you are done
Feet have non slip urethane pads, wont mar or scratch your OTA

Did the case for your telescope not have enough room to fit with a finder attached?
One buckle and you can attach or remove your finder

Can also be used with an adapter, such as our Uni-Bracket to attach a scope to almost anything. Lyra also has threaded holes to attach to a tripod

The Lyra is available in different colors and metals. The Deluxe model attaches with quick mount springs (covered in silicon tubing for springs not shown)

Tired of needing Three hands to adjust your finder? You only need two with the Lyra DDMS. The ends of the alignment screws are protected from scratching your scope with nylon cap nuts
The Lyra includes two "eyes" for use as a unity finder. There are also optional mounting kits. Example of the camera mount, there is also one for a laser pointer

Lyra © DDMS Specifications

Telescope (Lower Legs)
Minimum Tube Diameter 3" (75mm)
Maximum Tube DiameterInfinity or flat
Minimum Length5.5" (140 mm)
Finder (Upper Legs)
Minimum Tube Diameter2" (50mm)
Maximum Tube Diameter4" (100mm)
Minimum Length4.7" (120mm)
Diameters can be modified by bending of the legs
Maximum Finder Weight
w/ Bungee4 pounds
w/ Springs15 pounds, dependant on type of springs used
Weight6 oz. (175 gr.)
Mounting1/4-20 Threads
Operating temperature range-40 to 150 F (wider w/ springs)
Chemical resistanceExcellent (limit is the Nylon parts and Bungee)
MaterialsSteel, Acrylic finish, Nylon, urethane, rubber
*Specifications subject to change. We are always trying to improve our products.


Model Metal AttachmentPrice
Lyra-BRegular Steel Bungee$69.95
Lyra-S1Deluxe* Steel Springs$94.95
Lyra-MMilitary Stainless Steel SpringsTBD

Prices subject to change

* The Deluxe Model 1, comes with Springs set for 100mm OTA and 50mm Finder
We can make any size to order

Optional Kits

LK-CCamera Mounting Kit$3.95
LK-LLaser Pointer Holder Kit$2.95

Proudly made in the USA

Click for a copy of the Lyra © DDMS Manual (PDF)

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or you can Call our toll free number 800-336-9054 to order with a credit card. (8:30AM to Noon EST)

Regular Model


Deluxe Model 100mm/ 50mm Springs


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