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Look Here Device

It is used at Star Parties to illuminate your eyepiece, so that people know where to look

The control box has a dim red LED with an on/off switch so you can find it in the dark. Next to the LED is a button, when you press it, a bright red LED illuminates the emitter ring, that you have previously put around your eyepiece, thus making it very easy to see where to look. Great for keeping fingers off of your eyepieces
Just press the button and say "Look Here"

Model 1, for regular eyepieces, $25.95
Includes Free shipping to USA and batteries

Model 2, for Nagler eyepieces, $25.95
Includes Free shipping to USA and batteries

You can also call our toll free number 800-336-9054 and order with a credit card.

Squeeze the bungee locking clip, and pull the bungee to secure the collar around your eyepiece
·Make sure wires and bungee are pointing away from where you would place you eye
·Apply Velcro in a location where you want to keep your control box
How to Use
Turn on the battery pack with the slide switch, the On/Off LED will illuminate, so you can find the control box
Press the button, to illuminate the collar when you want to show someone where to look
Turn off battery pack with slide switch
Squeeze the locking clip, and loosen the bungee.
Remove the collar and store the LHD in a safe place.
Replace batteries when they are depleted.
Battery door is on side opposite on/off switch and slides down to open
The LHD uses two AA 1.5 volt batteries of any type.
Remove batteries for long term storage
Use the Velcro dots (included) to mount the LHD control box to your telescope or mount.

To use, just fit emitter Ring around eyepiece barrel.

Differences in sizes between Model 1 and Model 2 Emitter Ring fully opened and closed.


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