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Piece Pods type 1 and 2 hold up to five 1.25 inch (1 1/4) eyepieces.Type 4 holds four 2 inch and two 1.25 inch eyepieces

The difference between a Type 1 and 2 is that the Type 1 has two screw holes and a screw kit to permanently mount it to a stump, railing or other horizontal surface. The Type 2 comes with 3M Dual-Lock feet and matching Dual-Lock adhesive pads. Dual-Lock is a type of super Velcro that makes them removable, but still very solidly attached. You do have to press them together to make them connect. The type 2 also has two holes on the side if you want to screw it into something or use any of our mounting brackets to attach it to a tripod, legs, or almost anything else. Care should be taken so that when you mount it, it is not somewhere where you or someone else can accidentally collide with it. We offer a Light Post option to increase visibility.

They are constructed of heavy gauge Stainless Steel, a high strength and rust proof alloy, Nickel plated brass hinges, Stainless Steel screws and a polycarbonate tube. They will stand up to almost any type of weather short of hurricanes and tornadoes. Also available in powder coat black

They are 3.5 inches wide, to accommodate standard 4 inch fence posts.

Type 4
The Type 4 is for holding four 2 inch eyepieces and two 1.25 inch eyepieces.
it is bigger and wider then the type 1-3. it is 5.5 inches x 8 inches and 2.25 inches tall.
You can either use screws or Dual-Lock for hold down.

A big problem with eyepieces is dewing. Our solution to the problem is the HTR, a hinged stainless steel roof for the Piece Pods. The idea of this is to slow down radiational cooling. With a Stainless steel roof acting as a mirror over your eyepieces, less radiation goes off in to the cold darkness of space. If the roof is not enough help, a small low cost chemical heater can be inserted by a pair of o-rings to raise the temperature even higher. Care should be used in the placement of the Piece Pod if you are going to use the heaters, because if you are viewing directly over the HTR while it is hot, you may see the effects of thermal currents.

The standard height of the HTR1 is 3.1 inches. The HTR 4 is 4.25 inches tall. For a small additional fee the HTR can be ordered in any height from one inch and up.

If you order a Piece Pod without the HTR and you decide you would like to add it later, that is not a problem, a HTR Kit is available to convert the non-HTR models to HTR models. A special order option is also available that allows you to remove the HTR easily and leave the Piece Pod behind. Please call for details or if you have special needs.

Light Post
If you want some light on your Piece Pod, the optional Post light replaces the standard post with one with a red LED and you can either use our BB2 battery box or your own 3 VDC. The Light Post is weather proof, but our battery box is not.

Mounting Brackets
The Uni-Bracket and Tripod Bracket
Another way to mount a Piece Pod is by the use of brackets.
Our first one is the Tripod Bracket it is a heavy gauge bracket with a 1/2 inch hole that fits between your tripod and head.
The Uni-Bracket is a universal mounting bracket. It will fit on the leg of a tripod, on a Uni-Star or Uni-Mount, a Giro Mount or almost anything you can clamp on to.
The regular model has a clamping range from 0.55 to 1.6 inches. The Wide model clamps to 2.65 to 3.55 inches. Other ranges are available on request.
The clamp arm has a slot in it, so you only have to loosen the bracket to remove it. You do not have to remove any screws.
Kit includes all needed screws ( all stainless steel). Also available in black.

If you need something to hold your DSS or computer, the Dyna-Tray is what you need. It is 6 inches wide and 5.25 inches long. It will hold the NGC Max or Advanced Astro Master, with plenty of room for the cables. You can use it separately, mount it with any of our brackets or mount it to the side of a Piece Pod. The whole system goes together like LEGO bricks. We also have Velcro and Dual-Lock kits to use to attach your computer with.
Piece Pod
Piece Pod 4 Eyepiece Holder

Piece Pod 4 HTR Eyepiece Holder

Piece Pod 1 Eyepiece Holder

Piece Pod 2 Eyepiece Holder

Piece Pod 1 with HTR

Piece Pod 2 with HTR

Piece Pod 1 with Nagler Eyepieces

Piece Pod 2 with HTR open


Tripod Bracket

Uni-Bracket connecting Piece Pod to a Giro
Dyna tray
Dyna Tray for computers

Light Post

BB2 Battery Box

Dyna Rail ETX and Piece Pod HTR set up on a rail

HTR kit

Un-retouched image of a Piece Pod HTR set up on a rail,
that was out all night at -3 degrees C. (27 degrees F.)
the extra heater was not used. everything is covered with frost
including the railing, except the inside of the pod.
Click for a larger image

Dual Lock

Special Stainless Screws and bit
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